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The word Pingo means “hill that grows” in the language of the Inuit: hills that during the last ice age had an ever-expanding core of ice. After the ice melted, a small round pond remained. There are an estimated 2500 pingo remains in Drenthe, packed with an archive of more than 13,000 years of history. There is still much to discover. Back to primeval times.


Brasserie Pingo is for all visitors to the Drents Museum. You can relax after seeing an exhibition and enjoy delicious dishes. The flavours of Drenthe (local, traditional, pure and hospitality) have been given a modern and contemporary look.

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Are you looking for an inspiring and attractive location for a meeting, your presentation, a wedding or a fantastic company party: a lot is possible at Brasserie Pingo. We have various rooms that are suitable for business and festive gatherings, even outside the opening hours of the Drents Museum.

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